Actually Funny Pranks That Will Make You Laugh



  1. Posted by kool99kat, — Reply

    It'd actually be easy, slide it to the edge of the counter and just have it pour into a bowl or something, record it and send the video to the prankster to establish dominance haha

  2. Posted by iambellarose2008, — Reply

    For everyone who’s asking how to do it: Pour water into a cup, and put a piece of very hard paper, or something that will keep the water from falling out whenever you flip it over, and do so, placing it onto a surface of your choice.

  3. Posted by bentleyjo32, — Reply

    Actually I think you would freeze the water and then flip it upside down and by the time they got home it would have melted. I dunno for sure tho

  4. Posted by Graceboab04, — Reply

    Tip: get a cup that u can't see through like a mug and leave it full of water without a note and your parent will just pick it up without knowing it's full of water.😉😂😁

  5. Posted by daphnemorrill123, — Reply

    Even better, for a sibling, ask them if they want some candy, and put a piece in the water before you tip it. 😂

  6. Posted by camilleJ761, — Reply

    i love the simplicity of this exquisite prank and it's ludicrous outcome

  7. Posted by alisastrykowski, — Reply

    My little brother will love me after this

  8. Posted by addisonegger, — Reply

    Is to or from the dad??

  9. Posted by ailishg25, — Reply

    How did u get the water like that?!

  10. Posted by mi600163, — Reply

    wait how did you get the cup like that and the water not spilling

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